[Well I just had a false alarm.... it was just a typo in a spreadsheet.... I'm still going to Lusaka, and still working with the nuts as far as I know.....what a crazy day... I was really quite excited about Livingstone, with Victoria Falls right there. Hopefully I'll still get a chance to make the trip down and see the falls while in the country, I think it would be a shame to go all the way and not see the falls. Anyways... doesn't change much...got so much to do to prepare...not so much time to do it.... I start training in about 2 weeks]

So, I just got word that my placement has changed..... I don't know what I'm doing now...looks like Im going to be out of Livingstone (as in Dr. Livingstone I presume hehe). More as I find it out I guess...


What I know so far...

I'm still in London, preparing for finals, and also preparing for my time overseas. I found out last friday what I should be doing. I was given the warning that development work is very dynamic, and a description of the work I'll be doing now, can drastically change by the time I arrive on site, and even after I arrive.

I will be working with "Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products" (ASNAPP) and specifically working to improve a nut processing press used to extract oil from the Mungongo Nut. The Mungongo nuts is very rich in Vitamin E and can be used as an additive in various products as well as a cooking oil. The main goal is to increase the value of the products communities produce, by improved processing, and marketing resulting in more income from their natural Products.

I will be based out of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, and required to take multi-week "field trips" into the SouthWestern region of Zambia, where the nut is abundant.

So far that is all I know..and like I said it could change at any time.... Well time to get this off my mind and concentrate on exams!


This is a test

This is a test. In about 45 days, I will be heading to Zambia to work for Engineers without Borders on some yet to be named Development Project. This blog will chronicle my experiences.